Introduction to the Ethics of AI 2022/23 – Discussion groups

The class is offered as a lecture with discussion groups (Vorlesung mit Übung). To earn ECTS points, students will have to participate in the 2 hr/week lecture and in a 2 hr/week discussion group. You will then get 6 ECTS points.

Discussion groups (also called tutorials) will be 15–30 students each, meeting on a weekly basis to do background readings and have discussions on the topics of the lecture.

Students will self-subscribe to one of the 4 weekly discussion groups (maximum of 30 participants). Subscription starts 25 October 2022, 18:00 CEST, on Stud.IP. The following groups are available:

Group Format Language Time Place Teacher Subscribe
1 mainly remote,
once per month hybrid
English Monday 12–14 BBB & 50/E07 Corinna Balkow Stud.IP
2 on site English Wednesday 16–18 50/E07 Marte Heningsen Stud.IP
3 mainly remote,
once per month hybrid
German Wednesday 14–16 BBB & 50/E04 Jan-Philipp Siebold Stud.IP
4 remote English Friday 10–12 BBB Annemarie Witschas Stud.IP