The following staff and associated members form the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence group at the Institute of Cognitive Science at the University of Osnabrück. As a working group we develop new approaches for a contemporary critical philosophy of the digital, using our colloquium for regular discussions.

Corinna Balkow

Corinna is a research assistant in the BMBF-funded project Simport at Technischen Universität Berlin. She graduated in Philosophy and Digital Media at the University of Bremen and worked as software usability tester, international quality manager and digital society expert. Her research focuses on digital society, monitoring algorithmic systems and the Ethics in AI.

Jan-Philipp Siebold

Jan is a student assistant working on the ethics project at the Cluster Science of Intelligence at TU Berlin. Prior to this, he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences (majoring in Philosophy and Sociology) at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Currently, he is studying Philosophy in his masters at the FU and focuses on French critical theories in relation to key issues of the digital.

Mareike Lisker

Mareike is a student assistant on the ethics project at the Cluster Science of Intelligence at TU Berlin. With her two bachelor’s degrees in computer science as well as in philosophy and linguistics, she supports our work on the ethics of AI. She is interested in the critical engagement with tools and phenomena of the digital. Currently, she is also studying philosophy in her master’s degree.

Per Gülzow

Per is a student assistant in the BMBF-funded project Simport. He is studying philosophy and computer science at the Freie Universität Berlin, focusing on politics, technology and society. During his time as a student, Per has worked for politicians and the German government.