New paper: Predictive Analytics and Collective Data Protection

We’re excited to announce the final publication of our paper, “Predictive Analytics and the Collective Dimensions of Data Protection”, by Rainer Mühlhoff and Hannah Ruschemeier. Our interdisciplinary research blends legal studies, ethics, and technical insights to unravel the social implications of predictive analytics. Challenging the conventional, individualistic approach, we propose ‘predictive privacy,’ advocating for regulations that reflect the collective impact of data use. Dive into our exploration of societal risks and the imperative for new legal frameworks in the digital age.

Download options and bibliographic data

  1. Mühlhoff, Rainer, und Hannah Ruschemeier. 2024. „Predictive Analytics and the GDPR: Collective Dimensions of Data Protection“. Law, Innovation and Technology. doi:10.1080/17579961.2024.2313794.